Participants Always First

BTC of New Bedford has conducted clinical studies across numerous therapeutic areas for over 10 years. Our site strives to provide superior care with professional and friendly service.

No-Cost Participation

All clinical studies and associated medications, office visits, and procedures are offered at no-cost to you. Often, you will even be compensated for your time or travel.

Safety as a Priority

All studies are conducted under strict FDA guidelines, and are always designed to ensure participant safety. All studies are approved by an accredited ethics committee.

Contact Information


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Be a Volunteer

As a volunteer, you may have access to new investigational medication before it is on the market.

Be a Hero

Participating may ultimately help other people in the future with similar conditions. Due to the progress made through research studies, many people with debilitating diseases are living longer and with improved quality of life.

Be Compensated

All subjects will be compensated for their time and some studies will offer reimbursement for travel expenses. The amount of compensation will vary depending on which clinical trials you are participating in. Trials may require weekly or monthly visits over a few weeks or a few months.

Be Informed

You will be fully informed of all study details and have the option to withdraw from a study at any time, for any reason.

Providing superior care to our participants through professional and friendly service.