Clinical Trials

BTC of New Bedford has conducted clinical studies in numerous therapeutic areas.

Our research site strives to provide superior care to our participants through professional and friendly service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are clinical trials?

Clinical trials allow us to solve medical issues for the greater good. Volunteers participating in clinical trials are the reason for many medical breakthroughs all over the world. All FDA approved medications and devices must go through the clinical trial process to be approved and put on the market for use.

How does a clinical trial evaluate new, investigational medication?

Clinical trials evaluate investigational medications and devices through a series of screenings, clinical visits, medical or behavioral tests and assessments, and a drug dosing schedule. Study coordinators, nurses, and doctors work with you throughout the process to collect information about how you are feeling and reacting to the treatment.

What is investigational medication?

Investigational medication is tested in a laboratory setting. A clinical trial is used to test the safety and efficacy of an investigational medication. Investigational medications are not yet approved as safe or effective by the FDA; they are also not yet approved for sale by the FDA or any other government agencies or authorities.

How are my rights and safety protected as a participant during a clinical research study?

Your rights, well-being, and safety are of the greatest importance to clinical researchers throughout the study. All clinical research studies must follow strict federal guidelines on how participants are treated. These guidelines must be reviewed and approved by an independent ethics review committee.